Book a training stay with your club at KonceptHotel.

We have room for everyone and have sports halls, swimming pools, forest tracks for walking, running, cycling and MTB right across the road.


The many facilities at KonceptHotel and the many opportunities for activities right outside the door make us a perfect starting point for groups of 10 people or more.


We have made it easy and flexible for you to put together your group stay.
Choose the type of accommodation that suits you best and make any additional purchases on top.


1/4 board includes breakfast buffet.

1/2 board includes a breakfast buffet and a 2-course evening menu.

1/1 pension includes breakfast buffet, self-packed packed lunch from the breakfast table. Incl. ½ l water and 1 pc. fruit and 2-course evening menu.


All meals are served in Café Filsø.


Bed linen and towels are included. in the price.


In addition to the MTB track that we have on the other side of the road, we can actually offer as many as 9 different tracks within a radius of 40 km. So it is no joke that the west coast is known for its MTB tracks. There are not only many – they are also located in their own area, so each track is unique.

Call 75 27 11 10 and find out more.


The area around our hotel is already used for many different sports, such as swimming, badminton, handball, football, exterre, cross-country, marathon, etc.
Regardless of which sport you are most into, we have room for you and can help you book facilities.


… as you say. Local races and fishing are just a small part of what we can offer. The immediate area around KonceptHotel has so many activities to offer that we won’t bore you with them all on this page. But it can also be mentioned that many people also go horse riding in the forest, carrion safari, amber collection at the beach, rappelling, canoeing, climbing in jungle fun, mini golf and surfing… We will probably help you on your way to the ultimate holiday!

Send us your wishes about your training stay at

– And we will return with an offer that suits you