A study tour you will remember

High ceilings and room to spread your arms. These are the key words for a study tour with us at KonceptHotel. There are plenty of opportunities for professional visits and exciting experiences. In addition to the beautiful nature, you can expect lots of socializing and fun, activities, games and good food.

Based on your wishes and budget, we put together the ideal accommodation and catering solution for you on the study tour.

Our study tour is for post-secondary schools, high schools and universities.

Spend time together

With a study tour with us, you only have to think about enjoying yourselves, having fun and spending time together. We are happy to help tailor a study tour full of good and exciting experiences from start to finish – and not just board and lodging.

Our good location near the North Sea offers lots of activities and excursions just around the corner, which we are happy to plan for you, so that you can concentrate as much as possible on being together.


Discover the surrounding attractions

It is not far from KonceptHotel to historical attractions such as the museum Tirpitz which, among other things, contains stories from the Second World War, Skallingen where the mines were laid during the Second World War (See the film Under the sand if necessary) and the new international museum FLUGT, which is the world’s first museum for refugee stories.

Also experience magnificent nature experiences at Filsø nature reserve, as well as the fascinating North Sea with the most beautiful, white sandy beaches.

What can we experience?

We have a wealth of attractions in the area which provide fantastic opportunities to put together a healthy mix of active and cultural experiences.

Outdoor activities

Nature playground, football and pole tennis. For afternoon or evening fun, we have a large bonfire hut with table benches. It is possible to order sno bread and pancake batter in our kitchen.

Sleep well

Accommodation in rooms with private bathroom - shared double room for teacher. Or as a single room for a supplement.
Bed linen and towels are included. in the price.

Indoor activities

Billiards, table football, table tennis and a cozy living room with TV. Everywhere in the hotel area there is wireless WiFi, wonderful lounge areas.

Own room

Own room with AV equipment for teaching and fun DKK 10 per person per day. Free WiFi throughout the house.

Wide selection of activities and excursions

We are happy to help put together the perfect camp school stay with accommodation, relevant content, experiences, transport and catering.

Good, tasty food

Large breakfast buffet - pack your own packed lunch - dinner one dish plus ice water.
We protect the environment and recommend that you bring your own drinking bottle and lunch box.

Prices for study tour stay

NOK NOK 395 per day per student.

If a single room for a teacher is desired, DKK 295,- per person is added. day per teacher.

N.B. Our prices include VAT.

Godt at vide

Excursions and activities


Tirpitz is a defensive position from World War II consisting of 2 bunkers, which were part of the Atlantic Wall that the German occupying power built along the coasts of the North Sea.  www.vardemuseerne.dk

In the refugee cemetery, there are memorial plaques/stone crosses that remember the 100 or so people who are buried, including women and children.

Flugt is the area’s new upcoming refugee museum. Which is expected to be completed in 2022. Reference is currently made to ten www.vardemuseerne.dk

note that some attractions offer free entry for students. See more exciting attractions here https://koncepthotel.dk/attraktioner-i-omraadet/

Park golf is a newer type of golf that can be called mini golf on grass. It can be played from the age of 7, and at the same time be a challenge for experienced golfers. See more HER

Nice location

With approx. 10 min to Blåvand where a visit to Blåvand Zoo – Tirpitz – Blåvandfyr – Blåvandlys and of course the beautiful long white sandy beaches are highly recommended.

  • 20 minutes to Henne Strand. Filsø Nature Reserve, which is worth a visit, is on the way there.
  • 15 minutes to Varde where the museum Otto Frello – Varde mini-city and shopping can be recommended.
  • 20 minutes to Esbjerg, here is the Fishing and Maritime Museum – The White Men, Broen Shopping and the art museum.
  • 10 minutes to Skallingen and Tirpitz – a world-class museum.

This is just a small extract of our countless attractions divided into nature, professional and leisure.

We are ready to help with your questions and are happy to help you plan your next camp school.

Contact us immediately at info@koncepthotel.dk