The museum in the dunes

The Tirpitz Museum is well hidden in the dunes between Blåvand and Ho only a few minutes from KonceptHotel, and the beautiful setting reopened in 2017 and was designed by the world-famous architect Bjarke Ingels.

The museum is built on top of the original bunker, which was supposed to protect the entrance to Esbjerg Harbour. Today it is a modern and award-winning museum with 3 permanent exhibitions.

Discover stories about amber, the harsh west coast life and the Second World War.

FLUGT - Refugee Museum of Denmark

FLUGT is the world’s first museum for refugee stories. From February to May 1945, more than 200,000 German civilians arrived in occupied Denmark after a dramatic and sometimes violent escape. The Soviet attack on Nazi Germany in the final months of World War II had driven millions of Germans from their homes.
In 1945, Denmark’s largest refugee camp was established in Aal plantation in Oksbøl. 35,000 German refugees lived here after the Second World War.

An international museum designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group is currently being built in the buildings in Oksbøl, where the refugee camp was located. In the plantation you can still see remains of the refugee camp, i.a. the cemetery and the lazarette. It will all become part of the experience when you move around the exhibition created by Dutch Tinker Imagineers.

FLUGT is within walking distance of KonceptHotel in Oksbøl. FLUGT is definitely worth a visit.

The most beautiful West Coast Landscape

In only a few places in Denmark can you find such large, continuous natural areas as in the North Sea Nature Park.

The North Sea Nature Park contains a sea of ​​stories about nature and cultural history. About life on the West Coast, about bunkers and German refugees, about corvids, bird migrations, fascinating sandy oak thickets and the recreated Filsø.

All vividly told in three languages ​​via a user-friendly app with over 500 unique stories, detailed maps, interesting walking and cycling tours and beautiful photos.

Zoo for the whole family

With over 400 animals, Blåvand Zoo is an obvious excursion destination for the whole family. In addition to a large number of exotic animals such as kangaroos, camels, zebras, ostriches, lynxes and many different monkeys, there are lots of pets such as goats, rabbits, horses, pigs, donkeys and guinea pigs.

It is the only place in Denmark where you can get close to the white lion. There are also playgrounds for the smallest children.

Bring your own food basket, there are plenty of places to enjoy it.

North Sea Aquarium

With the North Sea as its closest neighbour, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum is perfectly situated to tell the stories about the rich wildlife of the seas, about Danish maritime history and about Danish fishing and offshore through the ages. Here you can wander between the permanent exhibitions, which contain a wealth of stories and original objects from life on the West Coast.


The large aquarium is among the largest in Denmark, and you can experience feeding the seals or even pet a shark every day.

At the same time, visit the artwork De Hvide Mænd by Svend Wiig Hansen,
which, like 4 huge, white stone pillars, sit and look out over the North Sea. You can easily spend many hours here with the family.

A recreated natural paradise

From the Stone Age until 1848, Filsø northwest of Varde was a huge moorland lake. With its 2800 hectares, Filsø was Jutland’s largest and the country’s second largest lake. But just four years later, most of the water was pumped away in favor of agricultural land, and in 1040-1947 the rest of the lake was drained and cultivated.

In 2010, Aage V. Jensen acquired Naturfond Filsø. 2 years later, the foundation restored the original lake and created a unique natural area for both animals and people.

The new lake is an important resting place for 234 bird species.

The Wadden Sea Center in the dunes

Experience the history of the unique Wadden Sea up close with the Wadden Sea Centre’s permanent exhibitions on the Wadden Sea of ​​migratory birds, where you can touch, feel and experience in completely unique surroundings.

With architect Dorthe Mandrup’s new extension, the Wadden Sea Center underwent an extensive renovation in 2017, where you experience the Wadden Sea in fantastic surroundings, body and soul.

Go on experiences on guided tours, where the centre’s employees tell with great knowledge and insight about this part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Denmark's westernmost building

Blåvandshuk Lighthouse is probably the most eye-catching building in the whole area with its 39 m high lighthouse, which with its own rugged charm marks Denmark’s most westerly point. From the top there is a formidable view of Horns Rev and the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

The lighthouse was built in 1900 to replace the old angle lighthouse from 1888. Thanks to its location on a high dune, the height of the light source above sea level is 55 m. The fantastic bright beam of light can be seen 50-60 km out to sea.

Tickets for the lighthouse can be bought in Blåvandshuk Lighthouse Tourist Information.

Otto Frellos forunderlige univers

Otto Frello is described by many as Denmark’s best illustrator of all time. Born in 1924 in Outrup a little north of KonceptHotel in Oksbøl, he was apprenticed as a hardware painter in Billum, and over time became known as perhaps Denmark’s first fantasy artist with landmark works about everyday trivialities combined with elements from the universe of fantasy.

At Museum Frello in Varde, only 14 km from KonceptHotel, there is a permanent exhibition of Frello’s works, which are characterized by a level of detail that fuels new interpretations every time they are viewed. In 2004, Otto Frello received the Eurocon award for “Best artist”.

Frello’s unique style and universe appeals to both children and adults and is an obvious excursion destination for the whole family.

UNESCO World Heritage

The Wadden Sea is nothing less than unique, world-class nature. The 500 km long intertidal area stretches from Blåvandshuk right outside our door and all the way through Germany to the Netherlands, and is now designated as part of UNESCO World Heritage on a par with the Pyramids of Egypt.

Tides transform the roaring West Sea into a giant mudflat twice a day and are home to countless species of birds. Most recently, the Wadden Sea has become famous for the large number of Pacific oysters that are allowed for anyone to collect.

Here, in spring and autumn, you can also experience black sun, which is one of Denmark’s most fascinating natural phenomena, when hundreds of thousands of starlings gather at sunset and dance in the evening sky before finding peace in the reed forest.

Access to the Wadden Sea is only a few minutes’ drive from KonceptHotel in Oksbøl.

A unique gem in the North Sea

Fanø is located as a unique gem in the North Sea, only 12 minutes by boat from Esbjerg Harbor – only half an hour’s drive from KonceptHotel in Oksbøl. In the two old towns of Nordby and Sønderho, you can experience some of the most pleasant street environments in Denmark with the original and often listed houses to form the setting.

On Fanø you can experience some of Europe’s best beaches, where the ferry sets a natural limit to how full the beaches can be experienced. Here you can find completely unique experiences such as seal safaris and oyster safaris and a large selection of local activities in the summer.

Jungle fun in Oksbøl

Junglefun is an exciting indoor climbing park with lots of challenging courses for the whole family and is only 1500 meters from KonceptHotel.

With 4 levels of difficulty and 48 different challenges, there are plenty of activities for every taste in Junglefun, and you decide for yourself how brave you are. Once the safety equipment is on and you have had a thorough review by the professional instructors, you have free access to all courses and the entire facility.

Visit their website and read more about practical information, prices and opening hours.

Armor & Fire Truck Museum

Oksbøl houses the original fire truck museum, which has now been combined with the Army’s Combat School’s Vehicle History Collection, which is behind the establishment of the Panzermuseet. The museum has Denmark’s largest collection of military armored vehicles and other effects related to the development of armored weapons in the Danish defence. The armored vehicles have all been in use in the Danish Army in the period from 1945 to now.

The firetruck museum includes the world’s largest collection of Triangel fire engines as well as horse- and hand-drawn fire engines dating back to approximately 1700. The collection also contains everything in fire-fighting equipment over the past 100 years. Among other things, helmets, uniforms, emblems, jet pipes and hand extinguishers. In addition, there is a large collection of model fire engines.

Parkgolf Blåvandshuk

Park golf is a newer type of golf that can be called mini golf on grass.

It can be played from the age of 7, and at the same time be a challenge for experienced golfers. Parkgolf is suitable for everyone, but can take a long time to master – therefore it is also possible to buy season tickets, 5 or 10 round tickets.

The course is laid out with 2 pieces. 9 hole loops where the holes are between 30 and 100 meters long and one loop approx. 500 m.

It takes approx. 90 minutes to play all 18 holes for 4 people.

If there are more than 10 people coming together, we would like to know in advance. If you are in fewer meetings, just get up.

It is possible to buy hot and cold drinks, ice cream and sweets

You can also pack the picnic basket and enjoy the contents here.

Dogs are allowed on a leash.

Escape History Rooms

Experience immersive historical live games in Escape Rooms. You are 2-6 people who get locked in a room, where you have to work together to solve tasks, puzzles and riddles to get out of the room again. The Gamemaster sets the scene and introduces you to the story, after which the door closes behind you and the time starts to count down from 60 minutes. The game is now underway and you must throw yourself into working together to get out before time runs out. This is where your ability to work together and creativity really come to the test.

At Escape History House, the starting point is historical events, so in addition to a fantastic experience, you will also take home some historical knowledge.

You are always welcome to contact us on Phone 75271110 if you need us.