Meetings and conferences in beautiful surroundings

When you book a meeting, a course or a conference with us, we are happy to help with the planning from start to finish. In this way, we ensure that your stay meets expectations. Tell us about your wishes, requirements and needs for the event – and we will put together a program that we will present to you.

Conference rooms and equipment

We have four conference rooms and two halls. You will be assigned the room or rooms that best meet your needs and wishes. All rooms are equipped with projectors/canvas, blackboards/flippers and screens in the group rooms. It is possible to connect VGA and/or HDMI and mini HDMI either directly or via adapters. In addition, there is a mobile microphone, mobile sound system and a mobile projector that can be connected wherever you want. There will be pads, pens and name tags for all meeting participants.

Experience nature and get fresh air during the breaks

KonceptHotel is surrounded by beautiful nature. The short breaks can be spent in our own outdoor areas or the park, while the longer breaks can be enjoyed in the Aal plantation with cozy trail systems. Should the Danish weather not live up to expectations, we also have a cozy living room with lounge furniture, games and TV, where you can rest your head and take a break.

Many different meeting options

Day course

  • Large delicious breakfast buffet served in the dining room.
  • Ice water all day in the room.
  • Fruit/vegetable morning in the room.
  • Morning coffee/tea in the room.
  • Lunch incl. 1 piece. beverage served in the dining room.
  • Afternoon coffee/tea with cake/sweets in the room.

DKK 535 per person.

Additional purchase of 2 course dinner, . DKK 280.-

Additional purchase of our delicious wines (white/red and rose) DKK 185 per bottle

Beer DKK 35

Soda DKK 30

½ l spring water DKK 25

1 glass of wine DKK 50



+ overnight stay in a single room DKK 650

+ overnight stay in shared double room DKK 475 per person person

Request a meeting

Meeting package

Meeting package

  • Local rental. DKK 400 in premises: Skallingen, Langli, Hvidbjerg, Byrådsalen.
  • Premises rent Town hall DKK 2,000 Table arrangement at long tables

AV equipment, flipcharts, whiteboards are available in all rooms

  • Coffee/tea with home-baked cake or sweet NOK 60 per person.
  • House wine DKK 185 per bottle.
  • Beer DKK 35 per PCS.
  • Soda DKK 30 per PCS.
  • Spring water DKK 25 per PCS.

If other catering is desired, it will be adapted to your wishes and needs.


* Invoices are made according to the number of registrations, which are announced no later than 8 days before the meeting, as well as room rent for the individual association or company.

Courses and conferences
Hold a course or conference in exactly the way that suits you best
Healthy and delicious food
We provide healthy and nutritious meals so that concentration can be at its best
Active breaks in the forest
Get a breather and breathe some fresh air in the scenic surroundings during the breaks
Accommodation in quiet surroundings
We offer accommodation where there is peace and quiet, so you get a good night’s sleep

We are a SKI supplier

We are a supplier on a SKI framework agreement and offer meetings and conferences to the public sector on competitive terms.

As a supplier, we live up to a number of minimum criteria in terms of quality, environment and social responsibility.

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